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We are a group of passionate entrepreneurs in the quest of leaving our mark on this world by building relevant companies from scratch. Some people call it startup factories, others, tech studios or venture builders, we just call it following our dream. Unlike incubators and accelerators, we don't run any program or take applications. We simply identify market opportunities, and with our own resources we select founders and co-founders within our network and together we define business models and participate in every step of building a new startup, from product development and talent recruitment to fundraising and daily execution.


"The only sustainable competitive advantage you have over other companies is your people" - Carlos Brito , CEO of AB InBev . Therefore, our top priority is to attract and retain talent for our businesses. We also invest in the development of our people through mentoring, constant feedback, transparency, and education. Most importantly, we recognize merit and reward talents through our partnership program.


eGenius is "one percent inspiration, ninety nine percent perspiration" – Thomas Edison. We live through hard work and data-driven decisions and once we start a new business, our main goal is to establish this culture into the new startup. Since we are entrepreneurs, and not advisors we take on executive roles and we get involved in all areas of the company. We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence.


An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. Benjamin Franklin. For us knowledge sharing is part of our culture. We believe that by sharing experiences we increase our chances of success. Thus, we organize monthly info sessions and tech talks between the companies, and we also invite other recognized entrepreneurs and executives to come to our office and share with us their life learnings (Papo Jedi).

Founded in 2014 by partners who have years of experience as entrepreneurs and investors in the Brazilian technology sector, eGenius Founders is focused in the early stage development and launch of technology startups.

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